Who We Are !

KOROOTI started in 2012 with a mission to promote Dubai as an important tourist destination worldwide. The Arabic meaning of korooti is “My Cards”. As a name suggests our company distributes postcards representing major landmarks in UAE for the visitors of Dubai. This exclusive idea has helped foreigners to plan their trip wisely. The postcard plays vital role to market the activities or events of government sector in United Arab Emirates. Other priority mission of KOROOTI is to support local charities by donating 10% of the company income. Respecting, Honouring, Helping the foreigners in Dubai through our cards has renowned our company in UAE region. KOROOTI is also influential, profound, and far reaching design movements of modern times. We believe that people are the most valuable assets who create value for the company through their professional, personal wellbeing and good moral character.

What We Do?

Basically the main concept of Korooti is to print Postcards representing the major landmarks in UAE then distribute these cards to the visitors of Dubai through the major hubs of the tourists. The Postcards will be considered as complimentary gift to the visitor and will play an important role to market the activities or events of the government sector in the United Arab of Emirates.